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There is no individual or organization, but goodness which embodies oneness. 

About the speaker

The teachings are given by Cico, who is also the founder of Mindiverse Foundation. He is living on teaching.

Via the teachings, he guides one through this serious journey of self-inquiry, facilitating one to investigate the mind independently, inquire into the self and find clarity. His teaching style is incisive and intuitive, in simple English, with no specialized terms, but never devoid of profundity.

Cico is a total human being, living a simple and authentic life with care and compassion where there is no division, conflict or contradiction.

Without affecting the totality, a few labels here are to reveal who he does (not who he is – he is just an ordinary person): a philosopher of human minds, public speaker and generalist (mathematics, AI, biology, philosophy, cognition, English & Chinese language, western and eastern realities, human consciousness). 

Standing beyond the eastern and western realities, he sees clearly that all human issues are from a mind that is heavily conditioned to thoughts and knowledge – the known, wreaking such havoc on this planet. 

Such a conditioned mind is self-centered and isolated – narrow, petty, bigoted, selfish, cunning and complacent, and all the issues are the direct manifestation of neuroticism. Unless there is a psychological mutation to end this utter selfish and self-centered mind, all problems will continue to exist in different forms, as it is happening now.

This psychological mutation is to end the self, which needs diligent observation and serious inquiry into the self, which necessitates true meditation. The reason to emphasize "true" is because the word "meditation" has been heavily contaminated, meditation is prevalently misunderstood by the self-centred mind as a method or practice to dull the mind for a false sense of "quietness", which still serves self-interest.

The teachings take place in the form of meditation sessions – public talk and guided meditation. What Cico teaches is not knowledge, theories, beliefs or philosophy, but to facilitate one to inquire into oneself to see the actual, which points to true meditation.

Via the public talk, Cico points out the issues directly and explains the nature of the mind in detail from diverse aspects, conveying a total and clear understanding of living. Via guided meditation, Cico guides the attendees to experience "full attention". All of those embody true meditation, a pathless path to truth.

The teachings from Cico are deeply connected with Jiddu Krishnamurti, Laozi, and Huineng.

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About Mindiverse Foundation

Mindiverse Foundation was established in 2021 to support Cico's teachings and sharings to benefit as many people as possible. Before the foundation was created, Mindiverse had been an initiative that offered free meditation sessions. Foundation is to safeguard goodness and facilitate the goodness flowering in a society laden with egoism, neuroticism and tribalism.

It is essential to make it clear that Mindiverse Foundation is not an organization that is divorced from individuals. Due to the prevalent mental division between organizations and individuals, an organization functions as a cover-up for egoism and tribalism, which is a common unspoken practice; that is to say, such an organization is still an ego thing because it is operated by people who are egocentric and pursuing self-interest, people identify themselves with the organization, forming a tribe; such a way of operating is merely a cunning self-deception, but it is already rampant all through the world. People take shelter in organizations, either pursuing high ranks, power, prestige or seeking to be taken care of; the identification and tribalism bring about corruption, numerous conflicts and politics, as it is taking place in every organization.

Mindiverse Foundation does not operate in that deceptive way but stays authentic and all-around, without the division between the organization and individuals. The division can only be cleared when the ego is totally eradicated; it cannot be done through identification, which is self-deceptive and destructive; identification is used to hide the ego, not end the ego. Ending the ego can only be achieved via diligent observation and self-inquiry.

As long as one lives totally egolessly and sanely, the organization will function healthily without corruption. Corruption only arises from selfishness and self-interest. That's why Mindiverse Foundation functions 100% for "public" interests -- humanity, which is self-evident, and "public" has no opposite; there is only "public". As long as it is not 100%, it must be 0%, and anything in between is self-deceptive, which is manifested by those so-called non-profits and charities, where "public" has the opposite "private", as long as there is "private", "public" is self-deceptive.

Legal information

The legal entity was established on February 4 2021, registered as "Foundation Mindiverse, Stichting" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. KVK number 81799802, RSIN 862224123. 


Email: attend@mindiverse.foundation (only for things about attending the event)

Due to the very limited mental energy of the people involved, a timely reply is not guaranteed; please kindly understand this.

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